How to conduct a Local HEIA for Immigrant Populations

Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) has developed a Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) Immigrant Supplement. The Supplement outlines the unique needs of, and special considerations for, local immigrant populations; users will be able to identify and address specific intended and unintended health equity impacts of a policy, program, or initiative on immigrant subgroups. This Immigrant Supplement was designed to be used in conjunction with the MOHLTC‘s HEIA workbook and template. HEIA is a decision support tool to improve health equity. The goal is to maximize positive impacts while reducing avoidable health disparities between population groups.

It is strongly recommended that users review the HEIA workbook prior to completing any HEIA, as it provides detailed instructions and considerations on completing an assessment. The HEIA tool and Immigrant Supplement is useful for health service providers, for those working across federal or provincial/state health care systems, and for organizations outside the health care system whose work can impact immigrant health outcomes.

The particular barriers immigrant subgroups may experience in accessing health and other services need to be considered, within context, during the design and implementation of policies, programs, and initiatives. Each step in the HEIA process has opportunities for stakeholder participation. The checklists will help health service providers and planners identify policy development opportunities to make changes that affect local immigrant populations. This guide will provide users with an understanding of how to contextualize their HEIA to consider the local immigrant population.


These are examples of checklists. Checklists can be brief and expandable to provide examples of types of information to include, main points /steps to cover, etc. Each checklist can also have clickable links that link directly to the corresponding HEIA tool sections (MOHLTC website)

Can also have a promotional video or interactive file near the introduction (such as captivate slide-show) to promote interest and answer quick FAQs ‘what can be done/ what the HEIA tool can be used for’ This can also incorporate the WHO Bulletin

    • Immigrant Categories ‘Status affects access’
    • Communities of Interest ‘Engage, consult, collaborate’
    • Localized Resources ‘Use existing data resources’
    • Project Planning ‘Know your HR capacity and budget’