8.2 Role of the Scholar

As Scholars, professionals demonstrate a lifelong commitment to reflective learning, as well as the creation, dissemination, application and translation of knowledge. 1,2

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Scholar in the Global Health Context

The global health context includes humanitarian assistance, health system development, population health, immigrant and refugee health, inner city health, and indigenous health. In the creation, dissemination, application and translation of knowledge practitioners working in global health need to master and apply methods and strategies that are adapted to the unique needs of the communities with which they work.

Definitions for Selected Terms:

GRADE approach
The GRADE approach is used to classify the quality of evidence being presented and the strength of the 8-2recommendation being given. This systematic approach helps improve communication about the information and also helps other researchers evaluate the information.
Barriers to health services
Barriers to health services are any obstacles that prevent vulnerable groups, including the elderly, from accessing and using the health services. Barriers include language differences, physical frailty, transportation issues, and lack of cultural competency.
Cultural Tailoring
Cultural tailoring is the application of cultural competence to a certain aspect of health care. For example, cultural tailoring can be seen when a modified version of the Canadian Food Guide includes South Asian dishes.
Care Algorithms
Care algorithms are protocols used by medical professionals in order to effectively diagnose and treat the patient according to set procedures.