8.5 Conclusion

Key Learning Points

Here are the key learning points for this module:

  1. As Scholars, professionals demonstrate a lifelong commitment to learning, as well as the creation of knowledge.
  2. Global health includes health equity, population health, immigrant and refugee health, inner city health, and indigenous health.
  3. Practitioners need to master and apply methods that are adapted to the unique needs of the communities with which they work.
  4. The scientific method refers to investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.
  5. Logic models, synthesis of evidence, using methods to formulate recommendations and evaluating the effectiveness of guideline are all examples of scholarly work.
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A health clinic waiting room full of women holding their children and/or babies.

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I hope this module has opened your mind to the importance of scholar skills to improve care for vulnerable populations. Good luck in your career.

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Kevin Pottie, Meb Rashid, Ayesha Ratnayake, Kate Merritt


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