4. Advocate

Sensei (Guide):

Photo of David Ponka holding a child.

David Ponka, MDCM, CCFP(EM)
Board of Directors, MSF Canada
Associate Professor, Chair Global Health Committee
Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa
Contact: dponka@bruyere.org

Module Abstract

Health advocacy is an important skill to increase health equity–especially when working with vulnerable populations such as refugees and the elderly.

After exploring this module, we hope to convince you of the need for reaching out to those most in need–one of the founding values of our profession. We also hope you will become familiar with different avenues for health advocacy and better understand tensions professionals feel as they strive towards sustainable involvement with those most in need.

We encourage you to explore this competency by reading our scenarios, watching videos and participating in an interactive activity highlighting key points.

Photo of villagers smiling.
Photo Credit: D. Ponka, Médecins Sans Frontières