6. Collaborator

Sensei (Guide):

Photo of Doug Gruner.

Doug Gruner MD, CCFP, FCFP
Associate Professor, University of Ottawa
Bruyere Immigrant Health Program, FMC
Contact: gruner18@yahoo.ca

Module Abstract

Chronic diseases, both physical and emotional, require new approaches to improve the delivery of primary care. Collaboration is at the centre of these new approaches.

By working through this module, you will become familiar with the many challenges that a newly arriving refugee family face and appreciate how a team approach can improve outcomes. This module will provide insight on additional services and skills that are beneficial when working with older immigrants and refugees.

We encourage you to explore this competency by engaging in our scenario and watching videos of how various disciplines would approach a newly arriving refugee family.

A group of men filling their buckets of water at a local well.
Photo Credit: Red Cross, Sri Lanka