7.1 Objectives


Through this module, you will learn the basic role of the leader in assuring:

  • Readiness of the health clinic to deal with complex situations
  • Quality services are provided to vulnerable and underserved patients in resource limited settings

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Hi, and welcome to the leader module, my name is Omar Ezzat, I am a general practitioner originally from Iraq. Currently I work as the clinical coordinator at the Catholic Center for Immigrants in Ottawa, Ontario.

My interest in refugee health began when I first started volunteering at the reception house clinic. There I have come to understand that the concept of refugee health requires its practitioner to be involved in the social, cultural, and financial aspects of medicine more than any other field and that’s what makes refugee health quite unique.

In the coming few minutes you will learn about the role of the leader in a resource-limited setting, you will also learn how to set up your priorities and how to deal with complicated situations to better serve a disadvantaged group of patients that is refugees. Enjoy.

Duration: 43 seconds