5.6 Resources


  1. Interested in pre-departure training?
    Canadian Federation of Medical Students Pre-departure Training Document https://www.cfms.org/files/GH-report-documents/resource-documents/Pre-Departure%20Guidelines%20Final.pdf
  2. Learn more about current global health networks.
    Student volunteers in Africa development residents mentoring Asia health network working Pocket Guide Action Global Health Network, McCarthy A (Ed) Office of Global Health (2010) University of Ottawa.


A doctor with three smiling children.
  1. Documentary (Students in the Field).
    “First Do No Harm” by Tim Holland http://vimeo.com/12777201

Ethics Focus

  1. Ethical engagement at an international level.
    The Ethics of International Engagement and Service Learning (Ethicise UBC) http://ethicsofisl.ubc.ca/
  2. Look at ethical frameworks from MSF.
    MSF Ethical Dilemmas https://fieldresearch.msf.org/handle/10144/220022

Professionalism In Depth

  1. CMA recognizes the importance of professionalism.
    Canadian Medical Association Medical Professionals,  http://www.royalcollege.ca/rcsite/canmeds/framework/canmeds-role-professional-e
  2. Medical Professionalism in the New Millennium: A Physician Charter: http://www.annals.org/content/136/3/243.full