4.6 Resources

Organizations with Equity Focus

  1. See the WHO millennium development goals.
    World Health Organization/MDGs: http://www.who.int/topics/millennium_development_goals/en
  2. Learn how contemporary globalization is affecting the health of different populations.
    IPH: http://www.globalhealthequity.ca/welcome/index.shtml
  3. Want to know more about the Cochrane Collaboration and what they do?
    Cochrane Equity Group: https://methods.cochrane.org/equity/welcome

Examples of Advocacy

  1. Listen to the personal stories from Dr. Maya Angelou.
    Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity: http://vimeo.com/11930805
  2. Get to know MSF’s Campaign for access to essential medicines.
    MSF/essential medicines campaign: http://www.msfaccess.org/
  3. Explore the world and all its populations and discover great health equity presentation resources.
    World Mapper: http://www.worldmapper.org