3.1 Objectives


Through this module, you will:

  • Discover the challenges of treating and preventing disease in resource-limited settings
  • Demonstrate an awareness of how war, conflict, and famine impact the health of individuals
  • Understand barriers refugees of all ages face when trying to access health care

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Hi, welcome to our module the medical expert in global health. My name is Doug Gruner and I am an assistant professor and family physician at the University of Ottawa. I developed an interest and passion to work with refugees while working with the International Committee of the Red Cross in East Timor shortly after the military intervention leading to horrific violence throughout the small island country in late 1999. I ran the paediatric ward but much of my work focussed on the many refugees as they returned home to Dili, the capital. I was blown away by the resilience of the refugees and their spirit in the face of enormous trauma and loss.

As health care practitioners in the 21st century we truly live and work in a global village. We need to be aware of the challenges inherent in providing care to culturally and linguistically diverse populations with unique health care needs. In this module we hope you will gain an understanding of the wide spectrum and burden of diseases affecting refugees, the realities of practicing in resource limited settings and appreciate the impact on ones health that war, conflict and famine can have. We also hope you begin to see the barriers that exist for these refugees when they try to access our Canadian health care system and perhaps you will think about how we might try to deal with these barriers in a more effective way.

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