1.5 Conclusion

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A group of men paddling through the river on two boats.
Photo Credit: MSF Congo

Production Team

Project Lead: Kevin Pottie

  • Doug Gruner
  • Mariella Ferreyra
  • Omar Ezzat
  • David Ponka
  • Meb Rashid

Videographer: Hugh Kellam
Instructional Design/Evaluation: Kate Merritt, Ayesha Ratnayake
Instructional Design/Programmer: Rong Sun


Expert Help

We would like to acknowledge the expert help in developing content from Solina Yoo, Kamini Premkumar, Mina Niazi, Francoise Guigne, Emily Moon, Mai Elramly, Carl Nicholson, Anne McCarthy, Jeff Turnbull, Peter Tugwell, Heather Thomson and Roo Deinstadt.

Peer Reviewers

We would like to acknowledge our Peer Reviewers:

  • Dr Neil Arya, Director of Global Health, University of Western Ontario
  • Dr Ellen Rosenberg, Department of Family Medicine, McGill University
  • Alanna Fennell, co-Director Global Health Education, International Health Program, University of Toronto
  • Dr Doug Archibald, Medical Education, Department of Family Medicine, University of Ottawa

Framework Development

We would also like to acknowledge the Ontario Family Medicine Global Health Education Working Group and their work developing the framework for global health education upon which this e-learning program is built.

Student Reviewer Feedback

We would like to acknowledge student reviewer feedback from: Medina Mohamed, Emily Moon, Alanna Cluff, Caroline Malcolmson, Elisabeth Antoniak, Pal Randhawa, Bonnie Tang, Fanyi Meng, Kirstin Perdrizet, Jessica Chen, Evelyn Dell, Kristina Hicks, and Kelly O’Connor.

Program Support

We would also like to acknowledge the program support from the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa, student travel support from the University of Saskatchewan and Memorial University and an unrestricted educational grant from the Frontline Health Initiative of AstraZeneca.


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