6.2 Role of the collaborator

A group of women sitting in a circle.
Photo Credit: Lavanya Narasiah (India)

As Collaborators, professionals work with patients, families, healthcare teams, other health professionals, and communities to achieve optimal patient care. In this role, family physicians provide continuity of care in hospitals, other facilities, as well as in community settings. (CFPC 2009)

Collaboration in the Global Health Context

Understanding the organization of the health care system at the national, regional, and local levels–including both the formal and informal elements–is essential for those working in global health. In order to collaborate effectively, the global health practitioner must determine his or her role both as an individual physician and as a representative of a Canadian or foreign organization.

Definitions for Selected Terms:

Health Settlement Community Ambulatory Settings
This is when health care is delivered to communities and populations in various settings (not necessarily in a hospital).
Primary Health Care
Primary health care refers to a broad spectrum of services focusing on health promotion, disease prevention, and diagnosis and treatment of illness. Primary health care can play a key role in reducing health inequities.
Web based EMRs
Computerized electronic medical records.
Refugee Health Network
A networking group with a common goal to share information and improve health, health care services, and access to these services for refugees.


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