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CCIRH Refugee and Elderly Global Health e-Learning Program: A web-based primer for medical students and health professionals, designed using the Ontario Global Health Education Framework and CanMed global health competencies.

Screenshot of the Refugees and Global Health eLearning introductory module.

There are 8 modules, each module is authored by an expert in the field and organized with competency-based learning objectives, interactive case studies, core learning content, video case discussions and links to additional on-line resources.

A brief overview of each module takes 10-15 minutes, but there are many layers of interactive on-line resources to provide learners with an opportunity for an in-depth learning experience.

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Quiz and Certificate Program

Illustration of a certificate of achievement.

A CCIRH ‘Refugee and Elderly Global Health e-Learning Course’ certificate is available for students who successfully receive 80% or better on the summary quiz. This quiz may be repeated up to 2 times if the student is not successful on first quiz. A formal certificate will be available for printing for successful students. The e-learning and certificate program is open to all students but mandatory for students working directly with refugees.

Take the Quiz

Click on the link below to start the quiz (opens a new window). You must achieve 80% or better on the summary quiz in order to receive a certificate. Participants may take the quiz up to 2 times.

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Once you have successfully completed the quiz, a certificate will be emailed to you.

Partner Organizations

The CCIRH partners with national and international humanitarian and medical organizations to enrich the content of our programs.

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