New Research Study 2017- Caring for Refugee Patients: The use of Interpreters in Primary Care.

Participant Informed Consent Form

The North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) is recruiting participants for our survey of primary care physicians and providers serving refugee and asylum seeking populations.The survey is primarily about use of interpreters for refugees and asylum seekers.

The availability and use of interpreters has been raised as an important issue by many family physicians and others who work with refugees at meetings of the NAPCRG Special Interest Group on Refugee and Immigrant Health-care Research, and is a relatively under-researched topic in family medicine/general practice.

Health Equity Impact Assessment: Immigrant Supplement

The Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) is designed to improve policies, programs and decisions. Systematic research showed migrants were rarely considered in these processes. In collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, Public Health, and Local Immigrant Partnerships, we have created a unique HEIA Immigrant Supplement to support decision makers and communities in including immigrant populations in evidence informed policy processes.

HEIA Supplement Template

New Peer Reviewed Publication:

Kevin Pottie, Branka Agic, Douglas Archibald, Ayesha Ratnayake, Marcela Tapia, Joanne Thanos.(2018). HEIA tools: inclusion of migrants in health policy in Canada, Health Promotion International, day016,

Migrant Equity Lens: Adapting the Immigrant Supplement

  1. Migrant Considerations
    • Identifying migrant subgroups
    • Status affects access to services
  2. Migrant Community Engagement
    • Identifying migrant communities of interest
    • Engage, consult and collaborate
  3. Local Resources for Migrants
    • Identify local migrant resources
    • Use existing migrant data resources
  4. Project Planning for Migrant Inclusion
    • Know your human resources capacity and budget for migrant inclusion
  5. Policy Method Resources

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