2. Communicator

Sensei (Guide):

A photo of Mariella Ferreyra

Mariella Ferreyra, MD, MSc
University of Toronto
Contact: mari.ferreyrag@gmail.com

Module Abstract

Good communication helps create respectful and trustworthy relationships with patients of all ages.

By working through this module, you will become familiar with various communication challenges that may arise when interacting with refugee patients.

While communication is a broad concept, this module will focus primarily on:

1) Working with Interpreters

2) Communicating with Elderly Refugees and Immigrants

3) Facilitating Discussions Around Mental Health

We encourage you to explore this important competency by reading our case scenario, watching videos of how to work with interpreters and participating in an interactive activity highlighting key points.

A doctor with her patients: a woman and her baby.
Photo Credit: Coralie Boudreau